BatteryFull +(Alarm)

Τρίτη, 27 Οκτωβρίου 2009

BatteryFull + (Alarm) ver 2.0 Released bringing even more Features

Check out what's New in this version.

ALERT LEVELS: Now you can have alert not only when is fully charged but choose your own level from a picker.

FLASHING BACKGROUND:When fully charged background will start flashing. Ideal for 1st gen iPods without speakers or if you want to turn off the alert sound but you still want to have notification.

USER INTERFACE IMPROVEMENTS: We did a lot of improvements make it even more friendly.

USAGE TIMES: We added informations about "standby" time and about "charge to 100%"

And don't forgot features from previous versions.

-Repeat alert sound instead of single alert sound that other app may have.

-Easy to Change Icon theme with just a tap.

-Shake to choose your alert sound-2 different sound are available.

-Battery icon has animated loading like the previous generation mobiles feature.

Don't waste your time looking at your iPhone or iPod touch all the time till battery is fully charged.

How does it Work in this version?

Turn on the BatteryFull, Choose your alert level. If you want shake it to change the sound. Then plug your device and you will see a view cover and lock your options. Now,You are ready, just leave it on and when your device reaches your alert level you will hear the alert notification.

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