BatteryFull +(Alarm)

Σάββατο, 29 Αυγούστου 2009

BatteryFull +(Alarm) is available on Applestore

*FREE for limited period *

BatteryFull is the first application that alert you when your battery state is full.
Additional Features.
-Shake your iPhone/iPod touch to change the alert sound.
-BatteryFull displays the current percentage of your battery level.
-Touch battery icon to change the color.
How it Works?
Turn on the BatteryFull, shake it if you want to change the sound.Then plug your device and leave it on. When the battery status is Full will alert you.It works even your iPhone or iPod is lock. *****NOTE: WHEN THE BATTERY LEVEL REACHES 100% YOUR DEVICE IS STILL IN CHARGING. YOU WILL NOTIFY WHEN THE BATTERY STATUS IS FULL***** Also, You don't need refresh button or restart the application for getting the right percentage.Just leave it on. BatteryFull is ideal for saving your batterylife because you know exactly when you have to unplug your device. Using the BatteryFull you need to have speakers for your device. If not just use it for displaying your battery percentage . ***Note: I create this application for personal use but after requests i give it now for FREE***

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